New on Netflix: Better Call Saul Finale Spoliers

The transformation is complete. Vince Gilligan pulls off a directory masterpiece, again. Just like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul slowly shows the fundamental process of change for the protagonist. The way it is shot, directed and acted, will again create a clear milestone for streaming TV. Breaking Bad sees Walter White, a moral man setContinue reading “New on Netflix: Better Call Saul Finale Spoliers”

Netflix Review: Maniac Episode One *Spoliers*

Bold, intriguing and almost mentally exhausting to watch. Netflix, unmatched for its cultural and entertainment presence, has taken a bold move in the creation of Maniac. Netflix’s decision to hire Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and¬†Cary Joji Fukunaga¬†(True Detective) means business. The first episode feels like a creative journey, allowing both the streaming service and theContinue reading “Netflix Review: Maniac Episode One *Spoliers*”

BBC Review: The Bodyguard Finale Spoiler Special

Critics and viewers alike have hailed this drama a success. For me, this show treads the line between Spooks and Luther; Gritty British drama has been lacking in recent years, maybe down to the high standard set by steaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon. The Bodyguard hits home that the BBC can still produceContinue reading “BBC Review: The Bodyguard Finale Spoiler Special”