Why The Sandman is the best book on Audible

You need to listen this. The cast, the world building, the depravity, the philosophy, the heartbreaks, the laughs, the amazement. Synopsis: Torn from his real, The Sandman – Morepheus, the immortal king of dreams, stories and the imagination – was imprisoned on earth for decades. On escaping he must restore his power, descend into hellContinue reading “Why The Sandman is the best book on Audible”

Foe: The Second (and in my opinion better) novel by Iain Reid.

Foe, Iain Reid second novel and, by chance, the second novel I read from the author. Iain Reid’s second haunting, philosophical puzzle of a novel, set in the near-future, Junior and Henrietta live a comfortable, solitary life on their farm, far from the city lights, but in close quarters with each other. One day, aContinue reading “Foe: The Second (and in my opinion better) novel by Iain Reid.”

Books Vs Film: I’m Thinking About Ending Things

Synopsis: Full of misgivings, a young woman travels with her new boyfriend to his parents’ secluded farm. Upon arriving, she comes to question everything she thought she knew about him and herself. Goodreads: 3.55 IMDB: 6.7 Book I was strongly advised to read the book before the film was released, and I am so gladContinue reading “Books Vs Film: I’m Thinking About Ending Things”