My First week with Cyberpunk 2077

I was lucky enough to experience this AAA game on a next-gen console, and, first things first, I adore this game.

Don’t get me wrong, this game definitely isn’t without its issues, as you will definitely know by now, the bugs are a killer.

The main story (so far) is engaging, deep and full of complex,  fleshed out characters. Without a doubt, though, the highlight of this game is it’s side quests. But oh my god. SO. MANY. SIDE. QUESTS.  Your phone doesn’t stop and you drive through the vast Night City; contacts call you to tempt you into thievery, bounties, rescues and other high-octane jobs to earn Eddie’s (currency).  This currency is used for basically everything so the more the merrier. I have been playing for around 30 hours now with my character and found myself jumping between side jobs, gigs, and the main story.

Night City is amazing. It is littered with debauchery and depravity, paying homage to Blade Runner by both design and atmosphere. The verticality of this game is truly remarkable and it really allows you to immerse yourself into the experience. Take your time to view the advertising, listen to the news, and really get a grasp of how much detail has gone into this game.

My first play through I’ve focused on tech weapons, hacking and the technical skill tree. These weapons act an alternative way to engage with your adversaries, giving you an edge in combat. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself (so far). The progression of cyber ware, quick hacks and engineering is really rewarding and definitely leaves you to make some difficult choices spending your finite skill points. Due to the limited amount of these points, it encourages multiple play through (and I can’t wait for this) to experiment with different classes.

The game excels with its personalisation of cyber ware, there are so many levels and variations to these upgrades. This adds layers to the experience. Upgrades are capped to the player levels, but as you progress it enables you to branch into deeper customisation.

The crafting system is pretty straight forward. I have found resources quite sparse when looking for epic/legendary items, but it hasn’t stopped me from finding and experimenting with high-powered weapons.

Driving around Night City is thrilling its own right. Taking in the magnificent neon scenery of the city juxtaposed with the derelict landscape of the outskirts really brings the city to life. I would recommend driving to each way point instead of fast travelling to take this in (and not to miss side quests).

I have not enjoyed a game as much as this in a long time. My view is bias, however, I have an affinity towards both Blade Runner movies and being in the centre of a dystopian Sci-Fi thriller is all I could ask for.

The bugs I experienced aren’t game breaking. They resulted in game crashes, strange NPC behaviour, cinematic scenes not playing out correctly. At worst, this takes you out of the game, in emotionally powerful scenes this can ruin the mood, but I’m sure it will be fixed shortly.

I would give this game a 8/10. The bugs are present, yes, but do they ruin the game? Not for me. I can see how others are disappointed , especially on last gen consoles, but I would still encourage to buy this game.

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