Xbox Series X: My first impressions

I was lucky enough to land a pre order for the Series X. Like a child before Christmas, I couldn’t wait to open it!


This feels luxurious, literally like opening up a present. The unboxing experience was satisfying and something Microsoft nailed.

Console Setup

Download the app. If you haven’t already, download the Xbox app. The entire setup and customisation can be done from your phone. This feels, easy, futuristic and is a fantastic touch.

User Interface

I was a little disappointed with this. I migrated from the PS5 across to this Xbox and was left a little underwhelmed with how it all looked (especially compared to the Ps5).

Game Pass

This was the Xbox’s big selling point and by god, it is worth it. With a myriad of games to choose from, this definitely makes the subscription worth the price. I have particularly enjoyed Sea of Thieves, something I had had access to on the PlayStation. Skeletons, megaladon chases and cannon fights have made my time at sea extremely exciting. More swashbuckling tales inbound.

I have also really enjoyed replaying The Witcher 3, which is probably the best RPG ever made. Slashing through ghouls, griffin’s and swamp monsters has never looked and felt so good.

Another highlight is taking a trip down Locust Lane playing the first 3 gets of War, and being treated to the two newer installments. I had never truly realised how dark and visceral these games where.

Hard drive

I have finally hit my hard drive capacity. This didn’t take me too long, I had 18 games installed. A mix between Xbox One and 360 games (This does include Warzone).


The 120 FPS is definitely noticeable and a pleasant additions to my First-Person-Shooter experience. Dying in The Gulag seems to be smoother.

Up scaling to certain last gen games looks beautifully vibrant, in particular Sea of Thieves. Scanning the horizon you can really appreciate the graphics and colour depth of the game in all of its chest-stealing glory.

Quick resume is another incredible feature. I had a feeling this would be gimmicky, but it’s anything but. Turning off your console mid game and then booting it back up and be back to dying in insane mode on Gears within seconds.


No games. How can a console be launched with 0 exclusives? This is by far the most frustrating part. Counting down the clock until Cyberpunk 2077.

Comparing the controller to the new PS5 one feels a little underwhelming. This is the main device you interact with and it doesn’t feel any different to what I used on the 360. I understand the ‘don’t fix it if it’s not broken’ mantra, but still, a little change would have been good.

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