World Cinema: Films to See

I thought i’d put this list together to really honour the truly fantastic world cinema films out there. A lot of the time these movies slip under our radar and don’t receive the true attention they deserve.

The Handmaiden

I went into this movie blind, and man, was it worth the pay off. This movie is critically acclaimed, and rightfully so. The movie is presented as some sort of escapism, an almost dream-like world with sinister undertones. The movie slowly develops, gently guiding you through in almost a dream-like state just hit you with unexpected malicious twists. To call The Handmaiden an erotic thriller would be to understate the term. At 2 Hours 24 minutes, the film is deep, captivating and thoroughly enjoyable. If you’re a fan of world cinema, or art-house movies, this is a must watch.

If you’re a fan of world cinema, or art-house movies, this is a must watch.


If you’re like me, you appreciate great horror films when they come along (as rare as that may be). Rec plays like a regular zombie horror movie at first, except with nice twist that its all shot from POV. This put you in the eyes of Angela, a news reporter. The movie itself its very claustrophobic, you feel trapped, constantly on edge, and boy, do those zombies move fast. The movie starts slow, but what really makes Rec work is the ambiguity behind the plot, what is causing this infection. The movie is essentially a single location film, that being said, the apartments feel very mysterious, you feel lost, scared, which really adds a fantastic layer to the suspense.

That all aside, the last 15 minutes of the movies is where it excels, as many zombie movies go, the ending can kind of be anti-climatic. The ending to this, well, it gave me nightmares. The Penthouse, thats all I’m saying. As the truth is uncovered, you realise its much more than your standard zombie film.


Roma is one of the most heart braking and heart warming stories i’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Its the type of movie that reinstates your love of film. The minutiae behind every single seen is incredible, the scrolling shots really capture the dynamic and ever so volatile live of the Mexicans in the 1970’s. The plot follows a maid working for a middle-class family. The films proceeds in almost a auto-biographical fashion playing at almost real-time. By doing this, the events feel real, nothing feels dramatised or forced, it pieces together in such cohesion it almost elevates the viewer. What Alfonso Cuaron pulls off exceptionally is the little pieces of information scattered throughout the scenes.

For a film that is shot in black and white, there’s so much energy to the it, each scene is so vibrant, yet completely independent to the one that came before it. If you have the opportunity to watch this, do so. For me, it is a contender for film of the decade.

Notable mentions

Pan’s Labrynth
City of God

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    1. You really do, let me know what you think of it! I’m about to sit down a don watch Old Boy, the original.


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