BBC Review: The Bodyguard Finale Spoiler Special

Critics and viewers alike have hailed this drama a success. For me, this show treads the line between Spooks and Luther; Gritty British drama has been lacking in recent years, maybe down to the high standard set by steaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon. The Bodyguard hits home that the BBC can still produce gut wrenching dramas that bring the viewers in (an average of 10.4 million tuned in) and make Sunday night TV great again.

With David Budd (Richard Madden), the series protagonist, under the spotlight of the current investigation into the murder of the Home Secretary, there was only one way the finale was every going to go. That’s right, you guessed it, a nail-biting, heart pounding rollercoaster ride from minute one. The Dunkirk-esque score was constantly ticking away, creating a prolonged build up of suspense, mirroring David’s anxiety to the situation.

The episode was well crafted, shots were extended but never seemed to take too long, twists and turns reinstated the suspense constantly, taking the viewer to the edge of their seat. In particular, the park scenes was especially well planned, the steady addition of new characters into the saw a twist based on what influence that specific character had, each time tipping the scales that David’s life hanged in.

Richard’s Madden’s performance (you might recognise him from Game of Thrones, only more Scottish and less Red wedding) was spectacular throughout. Clear and evident PTSD plagued the character, tormenting him and his wife (Sophie Rundle) alike.  This concept has been done before, fans familiar with Homeland will see traces off a similar plot.

For me, the only criticism i have with the series was the way its shot. Being a hardcore Vince Gilligan fan, i wanted to see more in regards to cinematography, camera angles and an artistic approach to some of the shots. But its not that kind of show, The Bodyguard exceeds when the stakes are at the highest, when shots are fired, when the slow-mo zooms in on the suicide vest, that, my friends, is popcorn TV at its finest.

With the season ending with the criminals unmasked, one can’t help but think there will be a season 2 on the way. I look forward to the next journey (preferably not on a train).


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